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W+K Recycling Bins

I was approached by Wieden+Kennedy, to create a new and sustainable design in order to increase awareness to recycle within the office space.

I wanted to create something that people can learn from without even thinking. Using a method which brings it all the way back to your childhood:




Using these three elements, I hoped to achieve making something so complex, but simple enough that anyone can learn and have fun while doing it.

The design consists of two sections on the informational poster.

The first section is designed for people who want know the finer details on what goes into what bin though text.

The second section is split between Allowed items and Not Allowed items. Where we took pictures of trash that we use mainly in the office and place them in there respective categories. We included a not allowed section to make certain myths and misconceptions easier. For example, a coffee cup might feel like paper, which it is, however there is a thin wax seal inside the box that does not make it compostable.

I had also added some tongue-in-cheek elements that reflect Wieden+Kennedy and it’s clients.