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High Museum

Winner: Silver SCADDY for Best Brand Identity

Winner: SCAD Succession winner in best of SCAD Graduates

Famous type legend Massimo Vignelli visited SCAD Atlanta to teach a once in a lifetime class, and I was picked to be one of the few people to be in the class.

The Massimo Vignelli project was to re brand Atlanta’s High Museum.

I wanted to take the current high museum logo and give it that fresh, modern and clean look. Observing at the physical structure of the building, the design and it’s geometric shapes on the side. The High Museum is a giant Grid!

My mark signifies the structure of the building.

The perfect red square which refines the current high museum rectangle and plays well with the exterior of the physical building.

The type is perfect, taking the univers tall and thin typeface and then making the shape of the typeface even and consistent. Making the strokes and the structure of the typeface even and equally spaced out throughout the letters that creates a relationship between the type the square and the structure of the building. It’s sleek. It’s modern. And it’s geometric.

Going though my work, I have designed the following under Massimo Vignelli’s guidance:

Logotype Letterhead Envelope Business Card Magazine Cover (2 different types) General Brochure Exhibition Catalog Exhibition Announcement Exhibition banner

Working under Massimo Vignelli was one of the most biggest highlights of my life, it is something that I will tell my kids and grand kids. It was a truly an amazing experience.