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Coca-Cola Superbowl

I was briefed to work on the Coca-Cola Super Bowl 2013 Campaign, I helped produce web banners, social media and elements of CokeChase.com content to help promote the interactive web experience that will lead the users to vote for Cowboys, Showgirls or the Badlanders to Coca-Cola victory during the Super Bowl.

When the user see’s the Super Bowl ad, they would be able to connect to the web experience on desktop, tablet and mobile and vote for the team they want to see win at the end of the Super Bowl. The user has options to sabotage the opposing team, which they would be shown a video on what would happen to their team based on the votes and who was winning, at the end of every quarter. At the end of the game, there will be only one winner and be shown the results!

Art Direction: James Moslander

Senior Digital Designer: Joe Paganucci